Airbus Pilot Cadet Training Programme


Pilot screening process : assesses cadets for integrated ATPL programme

Phase 1: On-line preliminary screening

To apply to our programme, you will need to fulfil the following pre-requisites:

Min 18 years of age

High School diploma

English (equivalent to ICAO level 3 – then minimum ICAO level 4 for type rating)

Medical Class 1 Certificate (only required after completion of Online Assessment)


Required equipment:

Computer/laptop with internet access, keyboard and mouse, audio headphones

Location: Anywhere (not on-site)

Fee: 40 USD


Please find below the link for the online assessment. You will be able to create your account directly on the website and to pay the assessment fee with a debit or credit card in order to start the test. This test will take approximately 20 minutes.

Please note that this on-line Airbus & Symbiotics screening assessment is open worldwide via the below link, with Google Chrome:

Apply now : click here

 Should you have further questions about the programme, please contact us or visit click here

  Hope to welcome you on board soon! 


 Phase 2: On-site screening

Candidates who pass the Online Assessment will then be invited to an On-site Assessment:

Equipment: Provided

Location: Angoulême

Fee: 200€


Aptitude test:

Eye/hand/foot coordination / eye-hand coordination /Short term memory/Mental arithmetic (Maths) /Orientation /Multi-tasking /Mental agility/English assessment, verbal reasoning, Physics technical test

Personality test :

Group exercises and individual interview:

Successful candidates will then undergo group exercises and an interview to ascertain their motivation and further assess English level


Phase 3: Simulator assessment:

Demonstrate ability to progress in a new environment:

Workload management

Situation awareness

Visual scan & coordination

Mathematics (mental arithmetic)


Phase 4: Pilot confirmation assessment

After 51 hours of technical knowledge classroom training and 17 training flight hours performed in our flight school in Angoulême.

1 hour in-flight evaluation